Right now the talk of the town is the name Hugo James Wentzel. This guy has gained immense popularity in recent days. Well, who is he?What does he do? Then you are at the right place today in this blog we will talk all about Hugo.

    Hugo is an entrepreneur and businessman. I must add that Hugo really has an inspiring story and has made huge progress in his field. He has taken ownership of his own life and achieved great success with that. So today in this blog we will talk all about the life and career of Hugo Wentzel.

    Hugo James Wentzel son of Amy Carter

    Hugo is the son of Amy Carter who was the daughter of the 39th president of the United States named Jimmy Carter. 

    Early years, He was born on 29th july 1999, in the USA. He has gained popularity because of having connections as a grandson of Jimmy carter. His parents are Amy Lynn Carter and James Gergory Wentzel.He is the only child of James and Amy. he belongs to the white race and he was born in the United states. He completed his schooling from Georgia, Atlanta at the school named Ponce De Leon Avenue.


    Currently Hugo is single. He and his family prefer to live a very simple life. We hope that he finds the love of his life one day. He might get married in the next few years.

    Parents life

    So Amy Carter and James Wentzel met in Tulane. They got married in 1996 in their own house. Amy preferred not to change her name to Wentzel.

    Hugo Wentzel was born on July 29, 1999. She has only one child. Soon the son was born and the family moved to Georgia to raise the kid in a lively culture.

    To spend quality time with his son, Amy stopped going into public events like protestants and other political events and started spending more time with his son. Amy Carter is the board adviser of the Carter Centre. The group is currently working on human rights and peace. 

    The work of her mother Amy Carter 

    Her mother Amy Carter has really gained popularity with his philanthropist works. She started her work by focusing on the things which their country required to develop and has make a significant changes in the US Goivertment. In the 1980 to 1990 she took part in the sit-in protest going on. She always raised her voice against the racial inequalities.