Who Is The Famous Techno Gamerz?

    Ujjwal Chaurasia, whose name is often referred to on the internet by Techno Gamerz or Ujjwal Gamer, is a well-known Indian Youtuber, game journalist, and rapper, with an estimated worth of $300,000 to $500,000, according to various sources. Ujjwal is known for being among the biggest gaming YouTubers in India. They often play GTA V and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

    Early Life and Education

    Techno Gamerz was born and brought up in New Delhi. He finished his childhood and education in the city where he was born. Ujjwal Chaurasia splurged most of his childhood gaming on video. Although he enjoyed playing games, he was also enthusiastic about his education. At the time he began his YouTube career, it was with his brother’s phone.

    The reason why he named the YouTube channel Techno Gamerz was that he thought he’d review tech and gaming simultaneously. At the beginning of his profession, he didn’t have his own smartphone so he had to make videos using his brother’s smartphone.

    About Techno Gamerz Channel

    Techno Gamerz

    Ujjwal has had a great interest in playing video games since his early days. He didn’t have a computer at his place, so used to play the Snow Bros video game at his cousin’ home. After that, he began playing GTA Vice City and he loved it.

    Following some months, Ujjwal realized gaming is something he really used to enjoy and wanted to make money by playing games. On 13 August, 2017, he made a YouTube account and began uploading quality content about video games.

    His first-ever video gave an outstanding performance. Because of this, his brother urged Ujjwal to upload more videos. Following this, Ujjwal continued to upload videos, and 250K people viewed his first viral video. It was an instructional demonstration for downloading the Dragon Ball Z video game.

    The YouTube channel Techno Gamerz saw a huge growth in popularity after he started making GTA V gameplay videos. The fans were awed by his GTA series of videos due to the fact that Ujjwal had developed a storyline based on GTA V mods. He uploaded a total of 142 episodes from the GTA 5 Storyline Series.

    In less than two years, he was capable of achieving 100K users on YouTube. He created a second channel under his name, Ujjwal, and began uploading PUBG games-related videos. In addition, the channel was receiving positive responses.

    Techno Gamerz Minecraft videos are extremely popular with the public. People frequently show affection and love for his work.

    Techno Gamerz Career

    ‘GTA 5’. Yes! The game changed his life for the better. Techno joined YouTube initially on 13 August 2017. Following that date, Techno never looked back.

    Ujjwal started by posting about games that are mobile-related and gaming news. In addition, he examined tablets, phones, PCs, smartphones, and other gadgets and provided advice on games.

    What is his current work? He’s still doing the same goal, and in the shortest five years of his YouTube journey, there are more than 30 million viewers.

    Not only did he end up stopping on this channel, but then he opened another channel with the name “Ujjwal.” If you think that it’s just one of his unrelated channels. But you’re wrong! This channel is home to over 8 million customers.

    It is important to note that every YouTube video has millions of million views. In the end, Ujjwal’s gaming channel is India’s top channel.

    There are, at present, over 611 videos through the Techno Gamerz channel. It features video clips of Pubg, the world’s most-played game Pubg, and GTA-V, Ranch Simulator, Minecraft, and Free Fire.

    Then, he began posting tutorials on gaming and then began posting video games and commentary videos of him playing a variety of games. Since 2017, he’s built up quite a following. At present, he has more than 27 million followers on his official Techno Gamerz channel, boasting over 6 billion views. He holds the record of being the 3rd Indian gaming YouTuber with more than the 1 million mark. The channel has been solely focused on mobile gaming.

    After the great success and popularity of the Techno Gamerz channel, Chaurasia established his new channel with the title Ujjwal Gamer on January 20, 2018, and began uploading games on PC to it. It currently has more than seven million users and has been watched hundreds of millions of times.

    Chaurasia additionally has a second channel called Ujjwal Shorts, which he created on November 22, 2021. He uploads hilarious videos from his streaming channels as well as gaming clips to the channel.

    After making himself one of India’s most prominent game YouTubers, Chaurasia was also able to expand by pursuing the world of Hip-hop rappers and artists. The singer released his debut track, “Game On” featuring Sez On the Beat, which is one of India’s top producers. The track has 60 million hits on the Techno Gamerz Channel.

    Apart from being a gamer, he is also a streamer and entertainer in general. 

    Some Facts About Techno Gamerz

    • Techno-Gamerz is among the most prominent gaming companies in India.
    • He will be home to more than 40 million users by 2024.
    • Every video on Techno-Gamerz receives more than one million views.
    • He is a huge fan of mobile games on PubG. He has met with players like SouL MortaL Kronten, Scout, etc.
    • He also had a meeting with Yuzvendra Chahal, who is the cricketer from the Indian Cricket team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is Techno Gamerz from?

    Techno Gamerz was born in India and is currently living in New Delhi.

    Who is Techno Gamerz?

    Techno Gamerz is a YouTube channel owned by Ujjwal Chaurasia. He is among the biggest YouTubers who broadcast GTA 5 game plays. The current count is over 15 million followers. In addition, he has over 500 YouTube videos till date.

    What is the ranking in the world of Techno Gamerz in the world?

    Techno Gamerz ranked in the Top 5 Youtube Gaming Creators India 2021.

    What is Techno Gamerz real name?

    Techno Gamerz’s true identity is Ujjwal Chaurasia.