In Hollywood, there have been numerous cases of wrongness and extra-marital issues that influence a few lives and their careers. One such curious case is that of Jordan Dominique Odom, who is the child of Pasadena local Jill Oden and celebrated American rapper SPM from Houston, Texas.

    Check out the story of Odom, and how his life was influenced by SPM acting youthfully in his early 20s. Jill Odom, the mother of the child had constrained him to require a parental test and afterward won the claim.

    Who Is Jordan Dominique ?

    Jordan Dominique from Pasadena , California and the child of rapper SPM and Jill Oden. In July 2001, Jill Oden, who was 20-years old at that time, recorded a claim against rapper SPM. This constrained him to require a paternity test and lawfully pronounce that Jordan was his child.

    The lawful affirmation of Odom being his child constrained SPM to pay $28,000 to Murder Odin for child back. Also, he had to pay $2,000 for Jordan’s parental and birth costs and $1,500 for the college finance. He too had to pay a month to month stipend of $900 to Slaughter Oden since she held essential guardianship of the child.

    Who Is SPM?

    Carlos Shy, professionally known as SPM or South Stop Mexican is an American rapper and musician who established the Dope House Records. He was born in Houston Texas on October 5, 1970, and his arrange title is derived from the South Stop neighborhood where he was brought up.

    Carlos Bed began his melodic career in 1994 as a Christian rapper, and in 1995, he established the Dope House Records name alongside his brother Arthur and a companion. He before long changed his sort and debuted as SPM the same year with his collection Hillwood beneath Dope House Records.

    Be that as it may, his career before long took a turn when he was charged with an disturbed sexual attack of a 9-year-old child. In any case, the protection released him from the province.In the 1993 occasion where he impregnated then-14-year-old Jill Odom, taken after by more charges of sexual attack caused him to be held without security.

    On 18 May 2001, Carlos Shy was sentenced for the exasperated sexual attack of a child by a Houston jury. He was sent to jail for 45 years and had to pay a fine of $10,000. As of now, he is within the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas. His anticipated discharge date is April 8, 2047, but he is qualified for parole in 2024. All through the case, SPM keeps up his guiltlessness There have been a few online petitions and messages from fans and his supporters calling for his discharge.

    Jordan Odom’s Father

    South Stop Mexican Carlos Hesitant was born on 5 October 1970 in Houston, Texas, USA. He’s of Mexican descent, and his organizational title is inferred from South Stop within the city of Houston, where he developed up. His guardians separated when three a long time after Coy’s birth. He went to Woodson Center School, where he fizzled his thoughts about. He got utilized as a door-to-door fragrance vender but afterward got to be a cocaine merchant.

    Around his music career, Hesitant began as a gospel rapper in 1994. In 1995, he utilized the arrange title SPM to advertise his to begin with Collection, Hillwood in Houston, collaborating with Southwest Discount. In 1998, Shy discharged two collections, Hustle town in Walk, taken after by Control Moves: The Table in December. His 1999 fourth collection was a victory for the single titled tall So Tall.

    In 2000, Hesitant marked the label Dope House Records within the All inclusive Music Gather. He discharged more back-to-back collections beneath the names.

    Carlos Demure Sexual Ambush Cases

    The Houston police arrested Shy for an irritated sexual attack on a nine-year-old young lady in September 2001, but he was discharged. More extra attacks were taken after Jordan Dominique’s mother connected the child back. Coy’s claim started on 8 May 2002 when the 9-year-old young lady affirmed Hesitant touched her while resting. He was indicted of aggravated sexual assault on a minor, and the jury sentenced him to 45 a long time in jail. He moreover got a $10,000 fine.


    In case you take note, Hollywood has a few such cases of child attacks and charged assault cases that make it darker than what you see on the screens. In any case, it would be off-base to expect that everybody is like that. There are a few outstanding individuals in Hollywood as well, that adjust out the obscurity. Be that as it may, we cannot fault everybody since most of these individuals are an item of their environment. Their childhood made them how they are, and afterward they confronted major results.