Scared hamster meme has constantly stood the test of time. It seems like almost any animal you can think of has been the subject of a meme, from the popular Cheems the Doge to the traditional cat at the dinner table (not to mention Chanel the parrot). Yet among all of these animal memes. You must be familiar with the hamster that looks to tremble and hide in a corner of its little cage while wearing a terrified expression on its face

    Although the TikTok hamster community propelled hamster memes to previously unheard-of heights of popularity, many people are still mostly unaware of the terrified hamster meme’s roots. So let’s explore what we know about the cute but terrified hamster that inspired this beloved meme. 

    Trust in your hamster needs to be earned over time.

    Humans’ larger stature compared to hamsters and our propensity to grasp them with our enormous hands are the main causes of their dread of us. The hamster’s natural reaction is to flee in response. 

    The best strategy is to give your hamster time to become used to you. Hamsters have an excellent sense of smell, much like dogs do. Put your hand in the cage with a prize on it to start, then wait for your hamster to come over and take the extravagance from your hand. It might not eat right out of your palm at first, but it will get used to your odor. 

    Increase the amount of food you hold in your hand gradually to invite the hamster to touch you more frequently. You can try softly caressing the hamster with your finger and then carefully picking up your hand with the hamster on it while it is still in the cage. 

    It takes tolerance and persistence to grow trust with your hammy, but it will perhaps happen ultimately. It may take a few days or maybe a few weeks to complete this process. However it’s satisfactory if certain hamsters don’t completely trust others, bear that in mind. Certain hamsters are integrally more unaffected to being domesticated, so even if they don’t bite at all, it’s still a success. 

    The Complete Guide to Making a Meme 

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