Good movies only work in India because they have different templates now that show that Indian people would only hail a movie if it can work for their good and it can’t be anything other than that for sure. This is something that tells that there is no way other than shining in content to tempt people to watch the content in real ways. This is what can set the tune-out for the right reasons and make them work too.

    The decade of the 2010s did show that other than star power, good content can also work. As OTT was not there, real-life base movies were working in India as it was touching people. But later, they made the move towards the station where the allmovieland OTT did show them in the form of series and movies and hence only best-of-class real-life stories now work. 

    Like Sam Bahadur is one good example. It did clash with the mass film Animal and despite the movie manged to do over 100 plus cr worldwide and 80 plus in India. It did happen because of the right content and if content is right, then it can’t said that this can bring downfall and hence, these moves can’t be bad to have. 

    So the changes it can make are massive to have. It shows that people now know which is content is good for them and which is the content they can see on OTT.


    As the cost of box office is high many people do go once in two months to watch content. It means that they can miss so many good movies that they wish to see. And it looks like the downfall in several ways. Hence, portals like  Allmovieland come as they work to make sure that the right numbers can come and this states the fact that making better changes is ever so needed to bring the best results for sure. They are third-party but the content is free and with good internet, a person can download as many movies as possible.

    Yes, it is not right to do but people sometimes have no option to make a comeback and this is something that needs to looked at in the best of ways. Hence, the changes can done for various reasons. 

    Final Take

    We all know that Allmovieland is not a great way to watch the content. But to be frank what option do people have that can tell that it can bring those bad results that are needed? But the spirit of making changes are something that can make out serious takes and help the fans to watch the movie at a price point that is easy for them to do. Otherwise, there seems to be no worth of having such creative ideas that can work hugely and set things towards the mega run.