With the advent of technology everything has been made accessible in a simple way. But farming or agriculture has always been difficult as they do not get adequate amounts for their grown products nor do they have any strong way to be aware of the latest and adequate prices. And to make it easier for them the government has launched a JIT portal which keeps the farmers aware and helps them to get good payment for their products. In this post, we are going to talk about the login, tracking, and all the other steps so that the users of the platform can access it freely and seamlessly.

    An Overview of JIT Portal 

    JIT Portal is an e-Payment Platform. This fee gateway has come as a splendid help to the farmers. Besides receiving and making bills, JIT additionally facilitates them to sing the movement of the consignment in their produce from farm to warehouse and from warehouse to vendor.

    JIT stands for Just in Time portal. The ambitions to facilitate well-timed and quick payment to one-of-a-kind customers consisting of the farmers, automated e-Payment of commission, exertions expenses to societies, transportation fees, and warehouse payments for diverse operations, which include loading and unloading of parcels and other consignments. 

    Farmers can solve bills quickly and without problems. They also can tune fee repute through their money owed maintained with a financial institution. The Government of India has brought this portal to facilitate the peasants.

    Summary of JIT Portal 

    Portal NameJIT
    Full Name of PortalJust In Time
    Launched By Govt. of India
    Year of Launch2023
    MotiveTo Provide Fair Price of Crops to Farmers
    JIT Login DetailsUsername & Password
    Mode to Check JIT PaymentOnline Mode

    Know About JIT Payment

    The Government of India launched the reputable internet site referred to as JIT Portal Payments. Through this portal, the farmers can test the JIT payment portal. If you didn’t receive your charge, then you may take a look at the fame of your JIT Payment through the use of the portal. 

    JIT is the portal that lets the user test the fee fame of the farmer who sells the crop. The farmers who sell the crop under the MSP scheme can test the charge status through the reputable portal. Unfortunately, the farmers can only promote a number of the plants, i.e., wheat, paddy, gram, lentil, Jawar, Mustard, and so on.

    The loading and unloading delivery prices are protected. So, the farmers can keep in mind all charges by promoting their crops. The farmers can avail themselves of this benefit and promote their vegetation. The money will be immediately transferred to their bank account respectively.

    Working of JIT Portal

    jit portal

    JIT Portal works simply and powerfully as once the vegetation is prepared to promote, farmers go and go to the close by institution to sell them, and once the establishments receive the vegetation, the JIT Portal sends them an EPO for you to make a web charge to farmers. After the vegetation gets approved from the procurement stop, the payment is credited to the farmer’s bank account.

    Steps to Login at JIT Portal

    The Just In Time e-charge platform allows farmers to achieve their payments at MSP in time.

    • Step 1: The customers have to enter JIT Portal http://www.Jit.Nic.In/Default.Aspx and click on the Login Option.
    • Step 2: The farmer (User) has to input the username, Password, and the image textual content in the furnished clean and click the login button.
    • Step 3: The JIT Portal shall result in the subsequent web page to benefit from getting admission to the farmer’s dashboard.

    Procedure to Check JIT Payment Status

    The farmers can song the fee made to them using the JIT Portal may be checked either with the aid of the usage of the Bank Account or through the farmer code, and we will discover each of these ways in element. 

    By using Bank account information

    • Step 1: The user needs to enter the Just in Time portal www.Jit.Nic.In and reach the charge fame.
    • Step 2: On the internet page, you’ll find several buttons, which include farmer charge reputation, exertions fees, music bills, society commission tune bills, etc, and one must click the worried search link.
    • Step 3: JIT Portal results in the new web page from which the consumer should pick out the 12 months from the dropdown menu.
    • Step 4: Then, the person needs to choose the respective season, and the consumer needs to enter the bank account range.
    • Step 5: The user must input the captcha image inside the clean and click on the tuning fee to seek payment reputation information.

    By using farmer ID

    In case to reach JIT Portal using the Farmer Code, the above-mentioned procedure stays equal. The person should enter the 12-digit farmer ID code instead of the bank account range and proceed similarly to track the charge status of the chosen seek.

    Process to reset the Password of the JIT Portal 

    In case a farmer forgets the Password to the JIT Portal, then one has to get a better password using the following simple steps.

    • Step 1: To recover the Password, the Farmer beneficiaries should click the Forgot password Link at the JIT Portal.
    • Step 2: The users will gain the Password Management System window, and the person is requested to follow the technique.
    • Step 3: Enter the username and cellular quantity, and the installed characters will display inside the image box. Then, the person needs to click the ‘request pin.’

    Note: Before starting the password recovery, the user should remember these things.

    • The user has to sign up for the active cell range while registering the information with JIT Portal.
    • The person should fill in information efficiently to generate the request pin.
    • The web portal shall generate a six-digit password and supply it to the registered mobile-wide variety.
    • The user needs to use the obtained 6-digit Password at the password recuperation page and generate a sparkling password.

    Services offered by JIT Portal 

    JIT Portal offers more than one variety of offerings to farmers and its customers. We have referred to a few of them here.

    • Warehouse Payments
    • Transport Status
    • Labor Fee Payment Status
    • JIT Payment Status
    • Society Commission Using EPO
    • Management Payment
    • Loading and Unloading Payment Status

    Benefits Of JIT Portal

    JIT Portal is compiled with multiple benefits for the farmers as the whole country. As per a thorough research through the portal, below enlisted are some of its top-notch benefits that can be easily extracted from the portal:

    • Through this portal, farmers will receive an adequate amount of their efforts into crop cultivation without bearing any loss.
    • It uses a secured process to complete payment to the farmers.
    • There are no middlemen in this process, hence, farmers don’t have to share their profit with anyone.
    • Several prices of crops are offered at the price that has been officially announced by managing the boards.
    • JIT platform is primarily designed by the Indian Government under the Minimum Price Scheme.


    For the MSP Scheme, the Government of India released JIT Portal, which allows the farmer to get real charges for their grains and crops, putting off the middleman charges. We have given all of the requisite information on this blog, through which farmers and customers get admission to this portal seamlessly and get a fee for each and every attempt. It is an amazing initiative taken by the government through which farmers can sell their crops easily and get paid simultaneously.