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One of the many new missions in Season 2 of name of duty DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location is to discover Smuggling Tunnels at the Al Mazrah map. This goal is for White Lotus, and can be pretty complicated in case you don’t understand wherein you’re going or what you’re doing. Luckily, we are right here to assist any participant that desires the information on Smuggling Tunnels and their location.

The primary a part of this White Lotus assignment is to certainly locate the Smuggling Tunnels, which is straightforward in and of itself. The second part of the mission is to location Tactical Cameras (discipline upgrade) at precise places close to this tunnel. We’ll be assisting with the first a part of the venture, and letting you understand exactly in which you could locate the Smuggling Tunnel you’re seeking out in DMZ.

Finding Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ

For this venture, you’ll first want to discover a Stronghold Key. The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location is located internal of a Stronghold, so go round and kill A.I. in the hopes of obtaining a key. Once you have got one, you need to move to a static Stronghold to the north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. This Stronghold might be right here inside the same region each unmarried fit.
Close to this Stronghold, you can find entrances to the Smuggling Tunnels. One entrance is within the Stronghold itself, and it’s down a ladder inside the constructing beyond the Deadbolt lock. the opposite entrance is to the northeast of the Stronghold. There is a properly within the ground with a ladder leading down, which you may descend to get into the tunnel.

To find the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location on Al Mazrah, you need to locate an area among Zarqwa Hydroelectric and Al Mazrah metropolis that has a small amassing of buildings and trees.
The regions in question might be proper subsequent to the principal avenue that snakes from Rohan Oil to the downtown core. They could seem inconspicuous at the beginning, but a closer look will reveal a hidden treasure trove of DMZ Smuggling Tunnels loot—and a ton of awful guys besides. There will be a whole gang of heavily armored AI gadgets surrounding the entrances and inside the tunnels.

However, when you’re able to take down all the guards around, you’ll now have loose get entry to one of the quality loot spots at the map.

The way to enter the Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ

There are three different approaches to go into the Smuggling Tunnels, which incorporates:
• The northernmost entrance of the tunnels is placed thru a properly on the other facet of the principal avenue. It’s miles barely hidden from view by some partitions, but a quick runaround is enough to locate it.
• The Smuggling Tunnels stronghold holds a small house that consists of a ladder in order to descend into the location.
• You can also enter the tunnels through a big front on the southernmost facet of the device. It’s miles slightly obstructed with the aid of trees and shrubbery, so you can without problems leave out it if you aren’t cautious sufficient.

We advocate the closing choice in case you’re on the Smuggling Tunnels task, as you’ll want to region a tactical camera there. Also, the southern facet of the tunnel has the bulk of the enemy forces, which means you can eliminate them early on.


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