Entertainment is a part of our daily life and with the rising inflation we have seen major changes in this industry. Though it has become more convenient to access, it has also become costlier. Earlier audiences needed to watch the movies on free TV channels but nowadays we only get outdated movies on those platforms. And in order to watch all the latest releases we need to invest on several platforms to buy their subscription. Through this though we get multiple entertainment options but it also gets heavy for pockets. So here is ARC018 a free platform which offers a large variety with all the latest releases. Let’s know more about this website in detail.

    ARC018: An Overview

    ARC018 is a web based online platform which provides its users an access to a large variety of movies, TV Shows, series etc. It also has different genres be it thriller, romantic, action, detective, horror etc. Apart from all these the platform also mends any gap between culture and language by providing different language content at a single destination. Above all the contents present on this website is accessible in various different video quality formats like, HD, 360p, and more.

    Working of ARC018


    The working process of ARC018 is based on hosting several latest movies, shows, reality shows, etc. Through this website viewers can directly stream movies directly only or they can also download it to watch anywhere without any internet connection. This platform helps its users to access their favorite movies on their devices by sitting at their home and without paying any additional charges, with its simple process of streaming and download.Also,  there are many more features of this platform that attracts its users towards this. 

    Steps to Download Movies from ARC018

    ARC018 has simple steps of downloading movies from its website. Users can follow these underlying steps in order to download seamlessly.

    • Step 1: Open the “Browser” of your choice.
    • Step 2: On the search bar of the browser enter ARC018.
    • Step 3: From the appearing results choose the official website.
    • Step 4: As you click and enter on the main dashboard you will be mesmerized by the wide variety.
    • Step 5: Either you can surf the platform to select movies to watch or utilize the search bar of the same.
    • Step 6: Once you get your desired movies tab on the movies title.
    • Step 7: As you click on it you will be redirected to the page where after scrolling down you will find the download option.
    • Step 8: Hit the “Download” option.
    • Step 9: Choose the quality in which you want to download.
    • Step 10: Your desired movie will be downloaded on your device to create your own binge watch session.

    Features of ARC018

    ARC018 also offers features which make the platform stand unique from all other similar pages. Let’s know about those features here:

    • Bookmark Characteristic: When users use this platform they can bookmark their interests so they don’t lose it and come back to it whenever they desire by just a single click. It helps users to access their favorite movies any time they want. 
    • Comment Section: The comment section offered by the platform allows the users to interact with other viewers and share their views about the movie. With the help of the comment section users can get the engaging review about the movies and this platform that aids them to make informed decisions. 
    • Notification: With the notification of this website you don’t have to worry about missing any new updates on this platform. Users can allow having notification from this platform and keep themselves active and updated about it. 
    • Rating System: This helps the viewers to select movies while reviewing the say of the audience who have already watched the movie. Rating can be beneficial to decide the quality of the movie as users use it to give reviews about the story, quality and other factors of the movie. 

    ARC018 Movies Category

    The category offered by ARC018 is very wide and it also helps the audience to locate their interest without going through any tedious process. Below we have mentioned some top categories. 

    • Hollywood Movies: The Hollywood category features movies made in other foreign countries apart from India. If we speak one such language is English, then you can find movies like Avenger, Joker, Frozen and more.
    • Dual Audio Movies: Dual Audio Movies are the type of movie which seek advice from the movie to provide other language in audio tracks of the movies. We can find these in movies like Avatar, Inceptio, and Titanic.
    • Bollywood Movies: Bollywood movies are movies made in India. These movies showcase Indian culture, society, lifestyle and languages. Audiences can explore movies like War, Dangal, etc.
    • Hindi Dubbed Movies: Under this category viewers will get several movies which will be of different languages but it will be dubbed in hindi. Some examples for this are, The Mummy, The Conjuring and more.

    Advantages of ARC018

    There are several benefits offered by this platform for its users and here we have mentioned some of best advantages of ARC018 below:

    • Free Cost: Viewers can access several movies, TV Shows, and series for free and above all they don’t even need to compromise on quality. So, choosing this platform can be your biggest saving of a year, where you do not need any premium package or additional charges. 
    • Multiple Device Compatibility: ARC018 supports on various devices like, PC, iOS, Android. This flexibility of device compatibility allows viewers to watch freely from any device of their choice. Also, users can use this platform in their comfortable places like home, office, metro and more. 
    • High-Quality Streaming: The platform also allows users to have superb picture quality without worrying about lagging or buffering. People can find the clear images and volume in their favorite movies that they are exploring on this platform with the help of High quality streaming. 
    • User-Friendly Interface: The website has been cautiously designed and made in a user-friendly manner which makes it easy for even new users to access it. Users can simply navigate through its dashboard and look for their favorite content to watch. 

    Disadvantages of ARC018

    ARC018 not only has advantages but also has few disadvantages, we have written them down here for our readers’ awareness.

    • Can be Addictive: The website can be addictive to users due to its free nature and wide variety. Being addictive with any platform including this can harm your health. 
    • Speed Internet Connectivity: The platform requires high speed internet for a seamless experience, in case of low connectivity viewers might have to face buffering.
    • Legality Issues: ARC018 is a third party application and the content uploaded by them are pirated thus it has legal issues as it does not abide by Government rules and regulations.

    Similar Websites Like ARC018

    At times ARC018 might not function and can be down, so in order to provide you an unhindered service even at those times we have mentioned here a few similar alternatives to this platform.

    • Arc018.fun:  It is an alternative to ARC018, that works similarly to this platform. Here also, people can find numerous movies and web series to watch and enhance their viewing experience.
    • Arcbikehub.com:  This is a similar website like this platform, that provides a range of content tp access with a friendly interface of a website without paying money and having any premium account.
    • Crackle: This website helps its users watch their favorite content of their favorite genre with its extensive library where it covers numerous movies including bollywood, hollywood and more.
    • Tubi: It is also a movie, Tv shows and web series content provider platform that users can easily access and stream in high quality with a clear image and sound. Users can use this platform to watch their desired content of various genres.
    • Popcornflix: Same as this platform, popcornflix is also a third party platform committed to serve various movies of different genres with less ads and no cost or subscription plans.
    • Pluto TV: This site is engaged with offering several movies and tv serial content to its users at free of cost and in different languages along with various genres. Also, there is a simple and easy process to access this platform.

    Legal Alternatives of ARC018

    As ARC018 provides pirated content it is also necessary to make our readers aware of the legal websites on which they can watch their movies. 

    • Netflix:  It is a legal platform that users can use to watch a range of content available on this platform. People can explore several trending and top movies and web series here. 
    • Disney+ Hotstar: It is one of the top choices of users where they can find multiple movies, series and Tv shows. It covers a range of content and offers it to its users in a simple and hassle free way. 
    • Prime Video: The prime video is committed to offer several engaging videos of movies and other web series that users are interested in. Here users can access a collection of their favorite content and watch them anytime they want.
    • Hulu:  It is an engaging platform, where people can find their desired content including movies, Tv shows, series, anime and more in different genres in high quality.
    • Alt Balaji: On this platform people can access a range of content of balaji production house, where it offers Tv shows and movies of different genres. This platform can be accessed in various devices like mobile, tablets and more. 

    Is ARC018 Safe to Access?

    If you are worried about your safety while using this platform, you are not doing anything wrong because as a third party application ARC018 might be prone to several malware and viruses which can affect your device.  Thus, we can say that the platform is not safe and users need to be cautious while accessing this platform. Try to use a legal and trustworthy platform to watch your desired movies on your device without paying charges. 


    Indeed ARC018 is an amazing movie streaming platform which gives the viewers an access to not only the retro world but also the modern world’s latest updates. These movies, TV Shows, Series etc. all are present in a HD quality that too without any subscription fee. And though they have the sign in option users can access this platform without providing any personal information. Give this platform a try on your next binge watch session.

    Disclaimer: Though we have provided all the details about ARC018, we would also like readers to know that piracy is against law and all the content posted at this platform is pirated content. Thus, we here at Unitedfool don’t support piracy in any way and do not encourage it, above all we recommend our readers to watch movies from authentic websites.

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