The winter season has just started and still, many of the areas in the UK are not hit by heavy snow. However, the time will pass by too quickly before we know. Before the roads get covered with the white blanket and water pipes start freezing, it is time to take action beforehand. 

    When it comes to heating the house in the UK, it is normally worrisome for many. 

    The reason being the high cost of energy bills and the old boiler and air source heat pumps installed. 

    With a limited income, paying high for the installation and purchasing of a heating system seems impossible. But for homeowners in the UK, the government is facilitating vulnerable households with limited income to get themselves equipped with the latest heating system. For more information on government funding and heating systems, click here

    The winter demands more than just installing a heating system and reducing energy bills. Before the extreme weather sends shivers down your spine, be wary that there are some improvements that you have to make beforehand. 

    Here are some of the tips for winterizing your home in winter without draining funds. 

    Check the Gutters and Clean them Up

    The summer season is much more relaxed compared to the winter season. The reason is that you don’t have to deal with heavy snow and clean up the clutter to get ready for it. Before winter arrives, it is better to check your gutters and clean them up. 

    Once the snow starts falling, you may find it difficult to clear up the gutters. The debris and other items will freeze too, causing potential harm to the hardware. This could result in the heavy costs of repairs that you would incur if not taking care of it properly. 

    Insulate the Pipes 

    Winter is not going to be easy for you. The water pipes running through your house will freeze if you don’t take care of it. For instance, when the temperature falls below freezing, the pipes may get frozen too. This is due to the constant stream of water running through these pipes. 

    If action is not taken beforehand, it will result in the bursting of pipes, which is going to cost you way more than you think. So before things go out of control, make sure to insulate the pipes and prevent them from freezing. Insulating your pipes will also prevent you from paying high energy bills as it may keep the water hot for a longer period. 

    Add Weather Stripping 

    Spending warm and comfortable winter demands a lot of hustle. But acting smartly and beforehand can surely bring some relief and add comfort to your well-being. If you are living in the UK where the cold is quite harsh, you may end up using the heating system for longer hours. 

    However, one thing you may have not paid attention to is stopping the warm air from going out. 

    The easiest way to ensure hot air stays in and cold air out is to add weather striping. It will help you to reduce energy bills by lowering the usage of the heating system. 

    Check Your Fireplace

    The fireplace also needs to be inspected before the winter arrives. Nests and other debris accumulated in the fireplace can cause damage such as fire eruption etc. Make sure to have it checked by a professional before burning the fire for the first time. Moreover, you also need to clean up ashes from the firebox.

    In case you have an electric fireplace in your home, make sure to take care of its maintenance every now and then. If you need more help, you can refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

    Get a Smart Thermostat

    If you have an old traditional thermostat installed in your home, try to replace it with a smart one. Not only it will keep your temperature warm and comfortable, but also the accuracy of a smart thermostat is much better. It helps in reducing the energy bills more than that of a traditional thermostat. 

    In addition, a smart thermostat can be easily controlled and managed remotely. For instance, if you are having multiple smart devices installed, you can connect them with Alexa or Google Assistant to say the commands on the go. 

    Another benefit of installing a smart thermostat is its adaptability to your daily preferences and temperature outside. Moreover, it can also turn it on and off automatically by sensing the movement. 

    Test Your Fire and Smoke Detectors

    The possibility of fire eruption increases in the winter. Don’t act carelessly just to save some bucks. If you have not purchased a fire/smoke detector, make sure to do it as early as possible. However, if you already have one, make sure to check it before anything bad happens. This will help you save your home from fire and other damages as well as the lives of your beloved family.

    Inspect the Roof Attic 

    If the roof of your house is leaking, you can put yourself in deep trouble once the snow falls. Don’t ignore it for too long and get your roof attic inspected by a professional. Any leaks or damages should be fixed instantly to prevent further damages and costs. 

    Get Your Snow Removal Tools Ready 

    One thing most people miss when winterizing at home in winter is getting their tools ready to shove up the ice. Instead of relying completely on a snowblower, make sure to buy a shovel and de-icing agents to clear your home and other passages from snow. 

    It is recommended to buy a shovel and snow blower before the winter arrives. Normally stores raise the price due to high demand. Buy it out now before the snow hits heavily and you may need to borrow from your neighbor. 

    Summing Up

    That’s all you need to know to winterize your home in winter. All of the aforementioned tips are easy to follow and does not cost any money. However, not paying attention might cost you fortune.