If you are looking for a whole-house climate control system, look no further than ducted air-conditioning, which is generally regarded as the most effective way to manage the climate in a home. Aluminium ducting is channelled into the walls that lead to grills in every room, so you don’t have ugly piping visible throughout your home.

    Single power unit

    The power unit is usually housed in the attic or it might be outside, with heat exchangers that pump cool air through the ducted air conditioning and into the rooms; you can create zones by closing the grills in specific rooms, that way, you are not cooling rooms you are not using. If you would like to learn more about whole house climate control, a Google search will take you to the website of a leading Australian a/c supplier and you can book a visit from a technician. 

    Energy efficient climate control

    Of the various types of a/c available, ducted a/c is the most popular here in Australia; if you are planning a new build. You can integrate the ducting into the build and with its zoning capability, you won’t waste precious energy cooling down rooms that are not in use. Even if your home does not have built-in ducting, the team can easily channel ducting into the walls, ready for the power unit to be installed in a suitable location.

    Filter cleaning/replacement

    Of course, your ducted a/c system needs regular maintenance, which is carried out by the same technicians that install the system. Filters need either replacing or cleaning, depending on which system you have. Every 6 months is the best schedule to service climate control systems, preferably just before summer and again prior to the onset of winter. Click here to find out why deep vacuuming is important to keep your home pathogen-free.

    Heavy duty Fujitsu

    Most engineers would agree that Fujitsu is the go-to brand for energy efficient a/c and the system is durable and comes with a long product warranty. For more information, visit the site of a local Fujitsu supplier and discover the many climate control products this Japanese company has on offer.

    Single room climate control

    The traditional way to provide a/c is to use single room a/c units, but having 3-4 compressors means high energy use. Whole house a/c greatly reduces the energy used, plus you can zone off specific rooms to limit the reach of climate control. If, for example, you have 3 single room a/c units, you can have them removed and replaced with a whole house system that uses single power unit, thus using much less energy. You can probably sell the single room compressors and interior units, many homeowners are looking for used a/c units, which you can post on social media.

    We hope that this short article helps you to gain a deeper understanding of whole house ducted a/c systems and with an online search, you can find a local supplier.