Software testing is one of the most important components of modern application development and testing labs. This is because of the increased complexity in the modern software development life cycle, some various bugs and errors need to be detected during these test cases. In the modern software testing process, the app developers have to integrate various advanced processors like automation testing end-to-end testing, browser testing, and continuous testing. All of the members of the software development and testing team have a specific rule for maintaining the usability and stability of the core application infrastructure. In the modern software testing process even the production and business teams have a critical role in ensuring the smooth flow of the test cycle.

    With this article, we are going to explore the role of all the members in the software testing process. We will also understand how modern developers can improve the influence of the modern app testing process.

    Modern Software Testing Standards

    Over the past couple of years, the software development industry has changed a lot. For instance, app developers had to target only one platform at a time in the previous generation. However, with the advancement of technology, various new devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and IoT devices have come into the market. Moreover, the current end users want such applications that can serve multiple purposes at the same time footstep to keep up with all these demands, the developers are forced to increase the complexity of the infrastructure of the application. However, due to this increased complexity, various new issues, bugs, and errors are being introduced in the app’s functioning. In the worst-case scenario, these new additions can completely crash the application after it is released to the end users.

    So, to counter this process, the testing process has also advanced a lot. Automation testing is one such addition that massively helps to solve these issues. While using automation testing, the app developers can execute the test cases automatically using a series of pre-written testing parameters. Using these parameters, the system can communicate with the app like a normal user. The goal of this process is to analyze the behavior of the app when it is subjected to various user parameters or abnormalities. In this regard, the developers also have the freedom to make significant changes in the application infrastructure to customize them according to their requirements.

    The proper use of modern automation testing for executing software test cases has the following benefits:

    • Using this process, the developers can massively boost the efficiency of the test cases as they can run the test cases 24 hours round the clock even on holidays. Many market experts believe that with the proper use of automation testing, it is possible to wrap up all the test cases within a few days.
    • Since automation testing is the best way of executing repetitive test cases like regression testing and data-analysis testing, the App developers can save a lot of time in this regard. So, they can use this extra time for developing new features in future updates.
    • The automation testing industry also has various dedicated tools and platforms that help application developers improve the quality of the app that is currently being created.
    • This advanced testing process also has a crucial role in improving the efficiency of the company in terms of time and resources. For example, it can eliminate the requirements of maintaining a human testing team for all the test requirements.

    Roles of Different Testers in Software Testing

    Based on our research and understanding, we have listed the rules of all the members of the software testing team depending on their preferences and expertise:

    1. Quality Assurance Tester:

    The quality assurance testers are responsible for ensuring that all the visual elements of the application like interactive elements, GIFs, forms, and other media are properly placed irrespective of variations in the display of the device. Some of the most important roles of the quality assessment testers are as follows:

    • The QA testers have to plan the test cases that are responsible for performing the visual element testing on the web applications. After the planning phase, they also have to create the test cases and execute them in the testing environment.
    • While performing QA testing, the most important rules include the use of regression testing for verifying the proper placement of the UI elements irrespective of updates in the app infrastructure. The developers can integrate automation testing with this process to improve its efficiency and productivity.
    • Some of the key skills of a quality assurance tester include balancing between different projects and adjusting to the deadlines, executing the test cases according to the project requirement, and reporting bugs as soon as they appear in the core infrastructure of the application.
    1. Manual Tester:

    Although automation testing is a critical part of the modern app development infrastructure, certain elements of the testing process depend on the experience and expertise of a human developer. So manual testers have an equal role in ensuring the quality of the application. The role of manual testers is as follows:

    • Performing exploratory testing to interact with the application like a normal user and find hidden issues. In this process, the developers have to interact with various elements as they would be used in a real-world scenario.
    • They can also perform other manual test cases like boundary testing and usability testing to find out the load and stress handling capabilities of the application.
    • Some of the key skills of a manual tester include the ability to think out of the box, think critically, communicate with the members of the team, and pay attention to multiple details.
    1. Automation Tester:

    As automation testing continues to become one of the critical parts of the app development infrastructure, automation testers will have an increased role in the software testing process. Some of the most important rules of automation testing in a modern software testing infrastructure are as follows:

    • Creating the automation test cases for the execution process and keeping a close eye on the test cases as they are being executed by the system.
    • Integrating agile methodologies like continuous development and continuous integration. These processes help to improve the coordination between the development and testing teams of the company.
    • While performing automation testing, the application developer should also integrate data-driven testing to ensure that the application is suitable based on multiple real-world scenarios. In data-driven testing, developers can use multiple random sets of data.
    • Some of the key skills for modern automation testers include proficiency in different tools, and programming languages, and the ability to develop automation scripts along with debugging skills.
    1. Security Tester:

    Data security is becoming an important concept of the modern industry as various applications have access to sensitive user data. Applications like e-commerce apps, banking apps, and health apps can benefit a lot from proper security infrastructure. So, the major role of a security tester is as follows:

    • While performing security testing, the developers must check the vulnerability of the core application infrastructure. This means that they must ensure that the core infrastructure is immune to any form of malicious 3rd party attacks.
    • Performing modern security test cases like penetration testing and compliance testing will ensure that even in a worst-case scenario, the sensitive user data remains secure in the internal database server of the company.
    • While performing security testing, the developers must also ensure that the app complies with modern security standards.
    • Some of the most efficient skills for a security tester involve the ability to understand threats, proper ethical hacking, and security testing skills along with the knowledge to understand modern security standards and regulations.

    LambdaTest and its Effort Towards Efficient Software Testing

    To further boost the quality of modern software testing, application developers can consider the integration of cloud-based platforms like LambdaTest. Using these platforms, it is possible to initiate and execute real device testing on thousands of devices using remote servers. The advantage of this process is that it eliminates the requirements of setting up and maintaining an onsite device test lab. Some other benefits of cloud testing include accessing the test bench from anywhere in the world and running the test cases on legacy devices.

    While using LambdaTest in the modern software testing environment, the application developers can utilize the following benefits:

    • The LambdaTest real device cloud provides access to not only thousands of modern devices but hundreds of legacy devices and browser versions for improved application compatibility.
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    • With this platform, it is possible to initiate automation testing from multiple frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Playwright, and even Cypress.  While working with Selenium test cases, the application developers can provide native support on more than 3000 browser instances.
    • LambdaTest also helps maintain an activity log so that all the members of the team can keep track of all the changes that are being imposed on the core infrastructure of the app. Using this log, the developers can also refer to the previously known errors and avoid them in future testing instances.
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    • After executing the test cases, LambdaTest generates a detailed test report that will consist of various vital information like screenshots, videos, and comprehensive test activity logs. The screenshots are automatically captured during the test execution process to keep a visual record. Therefore, using all this data, the developers can quickly find out the faulty elements in the app infrastructure for the debugging process.
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    • Whenever the developers are stuck with any feature of LambdaTest, they can find adequate support on the official website using the rich documentation. This documentation provides all the information using simple languages and with sample test cases. In case the developers are looking for one-to-one support, they can refer to the live chat, over-the-mail support, and over-the-call support available with LambdaTest. The testers and developers can also discuss among themselves all the software testing issues using the Lambda test open-source community.

    The Final Verdict

    All the members of the software testing team need to be aware of their specific role and their contribution to the smooth functioning of the software testing environment. It is also important to keep up with all the modern trends in the segment and adopt them as soon as possible. Using this practice, the developers can not only build a positive image for their brand but also maintain their company reputation in this competitive segment of the industry. Finally, it is one of the good practices to constantly monitor the target audience to gain adequate information about their changing requirements. This information will allow the app developers to customize the application parameters to ensure that it can suit a wider section of the end users.