Sponsoring your family members is a common practice. The UAE government officials take time to respond to the legal cases related to sponsors. If your sponsor case is still pending, you must be wondering about its outcome. This article is a complete guide to the possibilities and procedures involved in sponsoring family members in the United Arab Emirates. We will also suggest ways to assist you with the visa process and the legal issues.

    Understanding Legal Cases related to Sponsor:

    Civil and Criminal Cases:

    Legal cases are normally divided into two parts- civil and criminal. There are two parties involved: the plaintiff and the defendant.

    The plaintiff brings the complaint. He informs the court about the harm brought due to the defendant’s action. Furthermore, we also explain the harm or suffering due to the action. As an outcome, the plaintiff demands a remedy. The remedy can be in the form of monetary compensation, injunction, or relief in any other form. In civil cases, the judge is involved and presides over the legal case proceedings. Subsequently, we decide the verdict of the court case. The judge also suggests the appropriate remedy if the plaintiff prevails.

    In criminal cases, there is an involvement of allegations. The allegations of criminal activity. Defendant and Accuser, are the two parties. The accused party is termed as the defendant. The criminal cases may take a bit longer to resolve. It all depends upon the complexity of the evidence and legal proceedings. In criminal cases, criminal defense lawyers will represent their clients.

    In criminal cases some jurisdictions allow the defendants to have the option to negotiate a plea bargain. Agreed to plead guilty, involves the defendant agreeing to it.

     In this, the defendant may choose not to contest certain charges in exchange for the prosecutor. They may opt to drop one or more charges. It may also result in reducing the punishment for less severe offenses.

    Role of the General Directorate:

    The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) is a regulatory body in the UAE. GDRFA is responsible for regulating foreign nationals’ entry and exit inside the country. They play a vital role in facilitating legal matters related to residency, VISA, and immigration in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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    Government Verdict on Family Sponsorship:

    The senior official from the GDRFA in Sharjah said that individuals with legal cases in the UAE can still sponsor their families. They can invite their families to join them in the country. The individuals need to follow specific steps.

    Legalization and Visa Status Modification are needed. Firstly, Individuals with legal cases in the UAE, along with their families, must regularize their visa status. 

    This regularization is important and should be completed before the end of the amnesty period. During the process, individuals must address any kind of outstanding fines, penalties, or violations related to their residency status.

    Secondly, an Obligations Resolution is required. After regularizing their visa status, the individuals can process to resolve their legal cases or other obligations in the UAE. This may involve settling the fines, addressing the court hearings, and any other legal issues.

    However, the family members are permitted to lawfully stay in the country. Whereas the ongoing criminal case is considered in the light of UAE law.

    The government of UAE continuously tries to improve its systems. It is done with the basic aim to ensure faster, quicker, and more efficient transactions taking place. Additionally, regular checks and assessments of work progress are done. This assists in maintaining a high standard of services in the country.

    Lawyers Can Assist in Legal cases:

    Legal matters are often quite complicated. The legal cases dealing with visa concerns are often subject to more complexity and scrutiny.

    The professional and well-prepared Lawyers and Legal Consultants in UAE are there to help. They have a proper team of skillful and seasoned lawyers who specialize in various legal areas. They may be experienced in visa, residency, and immigration issues.

    Legal Consultation from lawyers is invaluable. The prolific team can provide you with expert legal support and guidance.

    Visa and Immigration Services are available at law firms in Dubai. They can assist individuals and families with visa applications. Additionally, they can easily work on renewals and modifications of the Visa and residency. This ensures that compliance takes place as per the immigration laws of the UAE.

    Case Resolution is possible with their assistance. If you have legal cases pending, we can represent your interests with the help of an immigration lawyer. They can work toward resolving your legal issues more effectively and efficiently.

    NOTE: No responsibility is taken. Please get advice from experts first.