In the current world we all like to use social media and we have seen multiple people following their passion through showcasing their creativity on these platforms. Though we all might not want to become influencers or content creators but in some corner of our heart we all do wish to become popular by whatever me most on our different social media handles. And one of the best ways to gain popularity is by having a huge following which will provide greater likes and comments thereby making your account more interactive. To serve this purpose we have a platform named Technomantu, read below to know about steps to access this platform and more.

    Technomantu: An Overview

    Technomantu is an amazing widely used app for gaining followers and likes on various social media like, facebook, Instagram and others. The website promises to provide authentic followers and maintains the safety of the user’s profile. These authentic followers will like your posts, comment on them which will make your account highly active and appear in the top listings or it may also make your content go viral.

    Features of Technomantu

    Here are some of the features that make the app attractive to the masses and help Technomantu stand out from the crowd.

    • No Registration: Unlike other follower-boosting tools. Technomantu doesn’t require you to go through a cumbersome signup process. Download the application once.
    • Thorough instagram scan: It can open your Instagram profile with useful statistics. These statistics can be used to analyze your account. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of the account and create an effective strategy to increase your followers. This option is not available on regular Instagram.
    • Membership-Free Structuring: On the Technomantu app, you can pay a subscription fee to gain followers, likes, and comments like other follower tools. But unlike other followers tools, this one has a point structure. In the point structure, you need to get points by doing some tasks on the Techno mantu app. Once you have earned enough points. Those points can be redeemed as free followers, likes, and comments. This structure allows people who don’t have money to increase followers.
    • Instant Followers: Unlike other follower increasing apps, Technomantu does not require its followers to wait for hours or days to get followers, likes and comments. Just one click and your required followers likes and comments will be made available on your profile.

    Steps to Download Technomantu App

    Users who want to seek greater followers on their account can download the Technomantu app by following these simple steps.

    • Step 1: Users need to first open a “browser” which they love the most.
    • Step 2: And on its search bar you need to enter Technomantu.
    • Step 3: From the appearing SERP choose the official website.
    • Step 4: As you click on it you land on the homepage of the application.
    • Step 5: Scroll down and surf the homepage, and nearly towards the end you will see the download option. 
    • Step 6: Hit the download button after reading the review and details of the Technomantu App.
    • Step 7: The details of the Technomantu app will include information like size of the app 10MB and more.
    • Step 8: The application will begin to download on your device if you face an issue, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources” option on your device.
    • Step 9: To do so you can visit the settings application on your device, then go to the apps section and turn on the unknown sources for your designated browser. 
    • Step 10: Once the application is downloaded on your device enter your Instagram username and password.

    Note: This application will download in Android 5 version or above it.

    Process to Increase Instagram Follower Using Technomantu


    Follow the below listed process in order to gain a large amount of followers on your Instagram using Technomantu.

    • Open the Technomantu app.
    • Once the app opens up, insert your login details on the platform.
    • Make sure that your profile details are updated and in case you don’t have an account, create one.
    • As the next step, search for the latest hashtags utilizing the Technomantu app.
    • Try to incorporate these searched hashtags in your posts on social media.
    • After you mention these trending hashtags in your posts, your post will appear in the popular search option.
    • Keeping your profile public will help you gain more likes, comments and followers.

    Advantages of Technomantu

    Technomantu offers several benefits of using this platform, we have listed some of them here for you to stay aware and to extract most benefits out of this platform.

    1. Users can post various photos, videos in their profile using this platform to get maximum followers.
    2. Through the use of this app users get popular or trendy hashtags.
    3. The platform helps the users to gain followers on their social media.
    4. Influencers can use this platform to get maximum likes and comments.
    5. The availability of multiple comments on your post makes the audience interact.
    6. The platform doesn’t provide any fake audience.
    7. The application is no not hindered by different ads which gives a seamless experience to users.
    8. It is updated regularly with all the latest updates.
    9. Above all we can copy photos and videos using this application which social media handles don’t allow. 

    Disadvantages of Technomantu

    Similar to different things which have their multiple pros but also have few cons. Users may also face few disadvantages of using Technomantu.

    1. When users download this application from a third-party there might be chances that their devices will get malware attacks.
    2. Currently Google Play Store has banned this app.
    3. The platform may crash sometimes.
    4. Several users have complained about data breach.
    5. Users are required to login to the application every time they access the platform.

    Similar Website like Technomantu

    In case of times when Technomantu is not accessible you can try these other similar alternatives.

    • Getfollower: The get follower platform is an excellent destination for your social media needs. It allows its users to enhance their instagram followers, likes, comments and views to make an engaging profile.
    • IgTools apk: This application is specially created for the instagram users that can help them to increase their instagram followers with some easy and simple tricks and without putting much effort. Users can download this app into their device to avail its benefits and features. 
    • Famoid Followers: This platform offers a free follower tool that helps social media enthusiasts to attract more followers on their instagram in a simple and hassle-free process. Also, businesses can use it to enhance their reputation and gain more sales. 
    • Instaplus: Instaplus can make your social media engagement smooth by offering numerous features. Here users can increase their followers as well as can download the instagram stuff like posts, reels, photos and videos. 
    • Xp Followers: You can get the help of this site as well to make your profile more engaging and attractive, as it also provides you a feature to gain instagram followers, likes, comments, and hashtags that make your profile popular within your area.  
    • Hiketop Plus: Hiketop plus is also an social media visibility enhancement platform that helps users to gain followers by promoting their instagram profiles on the site from 1-10 minutes. But, for doing promotion you will need to invest in coins of the platform that are denoted as diamonds. 


    If you are looking for easy process by which you can help yourself to gain huge popularity by gaining mass followers on your social media then you must try Technomantu. It will serve as a major backbone for you to gain followers, make your account active by which you can appear on top. Above all the platform is secure and simple, without facing any issues like various advertisements, missing information or fake followers.