Teachers are the past, present and future. It is a way to have material success as well as opening the doorways of reaching the good. They have that much power. It is like students feel that they have all the powers but the keys are with teachers for sure because the change they bring is massive. But disrespecting them is not at all right and it is showing where the kids of now are going. Like they get paid for the work, but the job they are doing is the one, so taking care of them is a must for all.

    And making them feel like they do not have any rights to say students is bad. And hence, after all these years people feel that one should have not said what to that Teacher and more. And it seems to be a fact that it should not happen at all. But this is how the society is moving nowadays and hence, the downfall is coming one after the other. And respecting them is the best way to move ahead as this makes kids learn so many things for sure. And kids learning is always better to see.

    What to do more?

    In India, now kids do say bad things about their Former Teacher Name. But like 200 to 500 years back, the saying of teachers was taken for good. Like if they even say to sacrifice a thumb, the students were happy to do it. Like 5,000 years back, Ekalavya did when his guru Drona did ask for him due to some better reasons. And hence, people still now call his name with pride in this case. And it is all that people have to think for knowing what the value of gurus are, which is the term know as teachers too. But still in India, there are host of students who are like this only. They are ready to even die for the glory of Guru. Because in India, it is being said that the way to reach the God is by following the words of Guru and in some cases you have to place your guru ahead of even the one who is reason behind everything good.

    New Age Of Teacher On Youtube

    In the generation of their is new or we can say brand type of teacher in YouTube also known as Yt teacher This is what the best impact of Guru can be understand from India for sure. Because the returns that come are massive in the biggest and best ways possible. This can set right examples for all the nations and India being most aware should start this project, so kids can understand what to do and how to do for sure.

    At last

    This is something that is need of now because this can really work out for the good level and make it run for good reasons and sets out the best examples in to make the loudest impact possible. And it is all the need of the hour for sure. Like teachers have the powers that can work for the good levels and make things roll too and helps kids for sure. 

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