It feels as the 2022 and 2023 are the years in India where social media stars have taken divorce due to various reasons and all have them have had been talk of the town. Indeed, the three of them that we are about to have seen ups and downs in their careers but no they are seeing the rise like never before. So does it make the claims right that possibly that fame and name have the power to take the relationships away. And indeed, it does have deeper manner. So let us look at some examples.

    1 Kritika Khurana

    Kritika Khurana divorce is something that put people in shock as it came just months after they married. The news of separation with Aditya Chhabra came as a shock to many because she did marry Aditya after seeing them dating for a decent time before marrying. But Kritika said that reasons are something she can’t even tell. Many on social media were saying that Kritika did take separation because her husband was busy in his work more and he did not take her out much. But Kritika’s point of views are different.

    2 Kusha Kapila 

    Kusha Kapila separation also was a shock to many.  Now her news of being with Arjun Kapoor makes people feel that she left her ex-husband Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia because of fame and other things in 2023. Even talks were on social media that Kusha was in an open relationship. However, there is no such claim coming from her side. But now things news of having a relationship with Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor do say a lot. Even they were shot together before Karan Johar’s movie Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, which came on 28 July 2023, at Karan’s house with other social media stars.

    And there claims that Kusha did leave Zorawar for fame to the next level and possibly, she might be getting better options for her.

    3 Malvika Sitlani

    Malvika Sitlani Sepration has also been the talk of the town. She did tell this news about separation with Akhil Aryan in April 2023. At that time, she was about to have a baby. In her case, one can say that there could be many reasons as Malvika was carrying a baby so if she did take big decision, it must be something that is very deep and only she can tell it. But Malvika has refused to share her personal life with the media and even there is no leak story that is defaming her so one can say that this sepration might be genreal.

    Final Words

    One thing is for sure that relations need time to grow and time to become better. It also shows that how fame does make an impact in a person’s life that until and unless they are not seeing growth, there seems no point of making a return. And this is what that shows how things are changing for emerging celebs of India in a very big way. It is something one needs to think in deep.