Every surgical procedure carries inherent risks. However, with the care of an experienced plastic surgeon, these risks can be minimized.

    Many bariatric surgery individuals report life-changing outcomes, like lap bands or gastric sleeve treatments. Unfortunately, these patients are often left with loose and saggy skin.

    A plastic surgeon takes the critical approach of a professor in analyzing technical nuances to ensure safe and predictable outcomes. It ensures stunning cosmetic results for his patients.


    One of the most common plastic surgery treatments is rhinoplasty. Often referred to as a nose job, this procedure can enhance facial balance and proportion while correcting structural abnormalities and improving breathing.

    Narrow nostrils, a crooked nose, and a noticeable hump or bump on the bridge can all detract from other facial features and affect overall attractiveness. An experienced plastic surgeon Bellevue performs rhinoplasty with precision and skill to improve these cosmetic concerns.

    An open or closed technique can be used to do rhinoplasty. Both techniques give the facial plastic surgeon access to internal structures to reshape and remove tissue and cartilage. It allows the droopy nasal tip to be lifted, a crooked nose to be straightened, and other adjustments to be made. Rhinoplasties can be coupled with septoplasty procedures to correct a distorted nasal septum and enhance breathing. Patients undergoing this procedure often report improved airflow afterward, a benefit many were unaware of when they decided to undergo it.

    Breast Reconstruction

    Women frequently decide to have their bodies reconstructed following a mastectomy, which is a procedure in which one or both breasts are removed to treat breast cancer. Breast reconstruction can offer both physical and emotional benefits.

    Surgical reconstruction can be done with implants or using natural tissue. In an implant-based procedure, a surgeon places an artificial breast implant into the space where the old breast used to be. It is a more straightforward operation that can give a good result for most women with small or medium-sized breasts. It also doesn’t change size if you gain or lose weight.

    A natural tissue reconstruction uses a flap of skin, fat, and blood vessels from another part of your body to make a new breast. The surgeon usually takes the tissue from your abdomen, but it can be taken from your back or thigh as well. This type of reconstruction keeps its blood supply, reducing your risk of complications after surgery.

    Body Contouring

    Surgical body contouring techniques like liposuction can help you refine your new form when significant weight reduction from bariatric surgery, dieting, or pregnancy leaves loose skin on the body. Surgical contouring may leave scars, but they should fade with time.

    Non-invasive body contouring treatments have expanded beyond fat reduction to address sagging skin. For example, laser technology is used in the non-invasive EON (r) treatment to heat up and kill fat cells while sparing the surrounding tissues. These dead fat cells are eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.

    Find a certified plastic surgeon if you’re considering a cosmetic body contouring procedure. They’ll be able to provide you with expert advice and guidance to ensure your procedure is safe and effective. It would help if you also avoided smoking for a few weeks before and after your treatment, as it can increase the likelihood of complications.

    Facial Reconstruction

    Facial plastic surgery reshapes structures in the head and neck to correct injuries or diseases, reanimate paralysis, and enhance or restore facial proportion. Patients may also choose facial cosmetic surgery to improve an unfavorable facial feature or change a feature present since birth.

    Facelift surgery dramatically alters the appearance of the neck, jowls, and lower 1/3 of the face. It re-attaches the fat pads to the underlying facial skeleton and tightens muscles, resulting in a more youthful appearance. This procedure’s most effective version is a deep plane facelift. It also produces enduring anti-aging results. Using natural fat instead of synthetic materials can produce better and longer-lasting results. It is because the fat is rich in adult stem cells.