Music is something no one can turn away from. Not only is it something very important to use during celebrations, parties and other similar things, it also plays a pivotal role in bringing people comfort at times of adversities. Different people enjoy different forms of music, and in our country there are a wide variety of music genres that can be found, be it folk songs, party songs and much more. Another great thing is that due to all the languages that we speak in our country, we get to enjoy music from other backgrounds as well.

    If you are familiar with word games, Wordle is a game that is very entertaining in that respect. This game can be played online, and it can be played completely for free.

    In our article today, we will be talking about a game that is very interesting and we are sure you will love it once you get to know more about it. Read on to find out.


    If you love music and also word games, the topic of our article today is about a game that is immensely entertaining. It is called Heardle 2000s. This game is a word guessing game where you will be given hints about a particular song, be it lyrics of that song or hints about which artist sang it.

    This is a very fascinating game for music lovers, one can also find different kinds of heardles based on what music they love to listen to.

    If you want to know more about this game, keep reading to find out.

    Types of Heardles

    If there is anything that is still holding you back from playing a game of Heardle, then we are pretty sure that once you read more into this. Apart from Heardle 60s being a great game, there are also subcategories of this game where one can play according to what they like.

    Here are some categories of Heardle that one may enjoy playing:

    Rock Heardle: If you are a fan of rock music then there is something for you to enjoy as well. Rock Heardle is a great game if you love rock music because through this you will get to guess your favourite rock songs and artists as well.

    Heardle 2000s :- this particular game of Heardle 2000s is great for you if you enjoy 80s music. There are so many 80s songs that you possibly be asked to guess, and it will also be a sweet, nostalgic walk down the memory lane

    Electronic Heardle:- if you are a fan of Electronic or Dance music, then this Heardle would be the best for you. You can either get to answer questions by making guesses about your favorite Electronic Dance Music or you can also go ahead and find out more new EDM stuff.

    There are also other Heardle games that you play, and these games are basically involving your favorite artists. You can either be asked about who the artist is when you are playing this game or you can also choose to play Heardle about some particular artist.

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