Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh End Their Beef


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It is a fact that Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh are two of the leading content creators of India. Both started their career at the same pace from the world of fashion and it soon turned to be the mix of comedy and fashion. The combination of two have made things massive for them. And now both of the coming in Netflix’s comedy and drama movie Thank You For Coming in September 2023. The movie did see them going into promotions together and at the end, it did help them to end the beef.

What was the beef?

Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh did not have great relationship in the last one or two years as per some reports. The only common friend pair they was Komal Pandey and Sidharath Batra. Hence, it did allow them to meet sometimes but it felt that things were not at all. They both came from playing South Delhi rich lady that made her famous in India and then both started their Instagram journey and manged to reach the highest level.

But the bond which was great did not able to grow at the speed it started and hence, there were some tensions going on.

But now with Thank You For Coming movie promotion, things have come back to normal for both and they are making reels together and pushing things ahead so the movie can become a hit on OTT. And even fans are happy to see both coming back to track.

Who are they?

If you do not know, we would like to tell that Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh are two of the biggest content curators in India. They make funny and fashion reels that have helped both to reach the highest level. It started back end of 2010 and in one or two years, they managed to create a market that has allowed many influencers to make an impact at the very best level.

Many do call them as the OGs, who have worked hard so others can also see the same dream and make an impact.

Now they come up in reality shows, host, act and do many other works. It is like money is flowing from left, right and centre. Khusa has managed to buy a flat in New Mumbai, it shows how well the pair is growing and moving forward.


Khusa and Dolly’s beef had ended finally and it is a great boost for both as they indeed need each other to boost things ahead and create a magical legacy.

They are making money and showing to the world how things move when one has plan to do something great in life.


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