It is a fact that social media has changed the lives of so many people. Like actress have the tool to promote and those who are the best in making content they are getting movie with the help. This is something that the world would have never even looked for. Like Anjali Arora is an example of it. She is the prime example how social media can help people to make the impact to the best of level. And doing well here can open doors like working in a Bollywood movie to more.

    A ticket to Bollywood

    Taking to many industry people of Bollywood. They say that there are so many beautiful girls who are act too well do not get chances to work as a lead. In their eyes, they are 10 times better than the kids of stars who get chances because they have all the money to do. This is what that tells a lot about how this industry has lesser room for those who are great but they made feel like shit. This is why people like Soundarya Sharma and others have to take different roots like being famous on social media or have better connections to get what we are looking for.

    Like now you see more of Dolly Singh on Bollywood movies. Erlier, this was not the case. A person like Dolly Singh would have taken 10 to 15 years to get a movie like Thank You For Coming because she would not have the connections to do so. This is what the power of social media is all about. This is what Bollywood has to think. Because only skills should pay bills. Hence, it is a need to make sure that others do get chances so it can help them to move ahead or forward.

    The social media has indeed become a tool like if you do good, it can indeed open many doors to shine at the very best level. It is all one needs in life for making sure that it can set best examples in front of us where hard work can be the a key to shine at the very best level.

    This is why actors have to make sure that they can shine on  social media first before making a move. Because this something that can move things ahead for the good at the magical level.

    Final Words

    Social media is a tool that can make a mega impact and using it in right manner can really well in the best of ways. It is something we have to work on so that this nepotism can go away. Acting is a class act and it should be shown in a manner one can see great things coming out and for that it is indeed crucial to work with the best ones who can work on things from the core and create massive waves to shine for the people all over the world. It is indeed crucial to see.