If you have ever experienced slow internet speeds, website loading problems, or continual connection troubles in your iPhone, the culprit is probably your DNS cache. The Domain Name System (DNS) cache stores data approximately formerly visited websites, which could, from time to time, emerge as old or corrupted, main to network problems. 

    According to net internals dns How to clear the DNS cache on your iPhone, to clear up those troubles, you could clean the DNS cache for your iPhone. In this post, we will guide you through the process of flushing your DNS cache to ensure smooth and uninterrupted browsing. 

    Step to Clear the DNS Cache on Your iPhone

    Follow the steps to clear the DNS cache on your iPhone:

    1. Open the Settings App:

    Free up your iPhone and tap on the “Settings” app, which looks as if a gear icon on your home display.

    2. Scroll Down and locate Wi-Fi or Mobile:

    Scroll down in the Settings menu and pick out either Wi-Fi or Mobile, primarily based on the connection you are using nowadays.

    3. Pick out Your linked network:

    Tap on the network you are connected to, which has a checkmark next to it.

    4. Tap Configure DNS:

    Scroll all the way down to the DNS phase, and tap on Configure DNS.

    5. Pick out Automatic or Guide:

    If Configure DNS is ready to automatic, you are now not using a custom DNS. To clean the cache, tap on Manual.

    6. Delete existing DNS Servers:

    If you had custom DNS servers configured, delete them by way of tapping the red minus icon next to every server.

    7. Revert to Automated:

    Tap on automatic to move back to the usage of the default DNS furnished by using your internet service provider

    8. Forget about the network:

    If clearing the DNS cache does not solve your trouble, you could additionally pick out to forget the network by way of choosing the network and tapping “Forget This Network.” Then, reconnect to it.

    9. Restart your iPhone:

    After clearing the DNS cache, restart your iPhone for the changes to take effect. To do this, maintain down the power button and swipe to power off. Then, turn your phone back on.

    Now you get the best data approximately How to clear the DNS cache on your iPhone, clearing the DNS cache in your iPhone is the best technique that can assist in addressing diverse connectivity problems and make certain smoother browsing. Keep in mind that this method might also fluctuate barely if you are the use of a VPN or an exceptional network configuration, so continually seek advice from your issuer’s commands if needed. With the aid of following those steps, you can enjoy a faster and more dependable internet experience on your iPhone.