No matter how hardworking a person might be regarding their academics and stuff, the one thing that all of us can agree on is how much pressurizing and tiring school work can be. From completing assignments and homework, to actually preparing our lessons for exams, all of it becomes time consuming and exhausting.

    During our student life, we barely get the time to do anything fun because of how much of our energy gets spent on our studies. While it is very important to keep up with school work, no doubt about that, it is also important that students, especially kids, get ample time to relax and do other activities as well.

    Technology and Education

    2020 was an extremely eventful year for a lot of us. The pandemic changed the entire trajectory of our lives, mostly for the worse. Lots of people were affected, not just in case of their health but also in case of finances and stuff. Hospitals were overcrowded with limited staff, businesses were getting shut down, people lost their jobs – the situation was entirely dire.

    Another thing that we all saw was how schools were also shutting down to prevent the spread of the disease. During this time, while students stayed at home, they attended classes with the help of Zoom and other such video conferencing apps. That was how things continued before kids and other students were able to attend personal classes again. Although COVID was a terrible situation, it also brought forward how technology helped continue students getting the necessary education.

    AI Technology

    AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a form of technology that is becoming increasingly famous each day. It recently changed the job market for the worse by causing tons of people getting laid off from work because companies were starting to use AI software for getting their work done. But people are nowadays realising that AI softwares, like ChatGPT, Homeworkify and other such softwares, can also be used to work in their favour.

    AI is very useful in creating prompts and also giving information on particular prompts. Therefore, people are using AI software for a whole lot of different things, like education, business and more.

    Homework has undergone quite the transformation over the years. From a mere writing exercise in the late 19th century to a focal point of academic culture in the 20th century, it has now become more controversial than ever. It’s not uncommon to hear arguments both for and against the practice, but its necessity in modern education is still up for debate. Despite its many detractors, homework is still seen by many as a vital tool for reinforcing key concepts learned in the classroom. As educational practices continue to evolve, workloads may decrease or methodology may change altogether, but the concept of homework will likely remain a part of students’ academic journeys for years to come.

    Serving as a means for students to reinforce their education outside of school, homework has been a constant part of the education system. But with it, students often face difficulties such as managing their time, comprehending difficult concepts and coping with the irritation that comes with a lack of instant answers. Homeworkify takes on these challenges head on, striving to improve the general learning experience and make it all a bit easier.

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