Vegeta’s personality and the Ultra Ego form are completely in sync, highlighting Vegeta’s advantages. He is no longer in Goku’s shadow, and he is now more interested in developing himself than in merely competing with Goku. With his Ultra Ego, Vegeta may take over as Universe 7’s new Destroyer God, while Goku could advance to the role of an Angel thanks to his Ultra Instinct. This contradiction sets the scenario for both of them.

    The Appearance of Ultra Ego

    Super Saiyan 3 and Ultra Ego are somewhat alike. The user develops ridge-like eyebrows and loses all facial hair. The user develops Tyrian purple hair. Their pupils remain visible and their eyes develop irises that resemble magenta. The user’s muscular mass also appears to rise slightly and get considerably more defined. Additionally, a purple aura that resembles flames surrounds the user’s body.

    Vegeta as an Ultra Ego

    Vegeta may transform into Ultra Ego, an incredibly potent form that combines the power of destruction with the Ultra Ego ability. After the Cerealian overpowers his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved, Vegeta first reaches Ultra Ego versus Granola. Granola noticeably stumbled back in fear as a result of the transformation’s potency. Ultra Ego Vegeta initially defeats Granolah in strength, but as the battle continues, Vegeta gradually loses himself in the excitement of the battle and allows himself to take more and more hits in an effort to advance.

    After some while, Vegeta decides he’s suffered enough harm and makes an attempt to defeat Granolah using a large ball of power of devastation. Vegeta was knocked to the ground by the blow while Granolah successfully blocked the strike by changing his left eye. During the battle, Vegeta immediately changes back into his basic form. After Goku briefly intervenes, Vegeta is able to quickly transform back into Ultra Ego.

    Following the healing of their injuries, Vegeta and Goku team together to fight Gas in their respective ultra-ego and Ultra Instinct forms. Both of them charge Gas with a newfound sense of national pride.

    The increased desire for combat necessary for this condition may lead the person to make hasty decisions. It can be counterproductive to take physical injury in order to increase one’s strength if the user sustains too much physical damage during combat. Ultra Ego Vegeta pointed out that the form is at its best when one gives up all sense of morality, much like when he was possessed by Babidi and felt like his former self.

    While Ultra Ego increases a user’s strength as they sustain more harm, it has been demonstrated that a user can be overpowered and defeated by a powerful attack. This was demonstrated when Frieza, in his recently revealed Black Frieza phase, overpowered and beat Vegeta.


    Vegeta is one of many fans’ favorite characters because of his growth as a person during the Dragon Ball series. Vegeta can release his full might and dominate his opponents thanks to his recently discovered technique, Ultra Ego, which perfectly complements his Saiyan pride. The addition of two unique ultimate moves—Ultra Instinct for Goku and Ultra Ego for Vegeta—increases the complexity of the story and creates a fascinating dynamic between the two main characters.