Gujarati-born Mrunal Panchal first gained notoriety on TikTok, where she progressively gained recognition for her sense of style and cosmetics. Each influencer has a unique story to tell. Speaking of Mrunal, she revealed that her desire to create content and learn drove her to begin her career as an influencer.

    Her Career

    Mrunal Panchal became well-known for her lip-sync, acting, dancing, makeup, and comedic videos. Her professional career began when she uploaded lip-sync videos to TikTok. She eventually gained the majority of her notoriety from that, and she simultaneously started her YouTube and Instagram accounts. She is a YouTuber who posts prank videos, shorts, travel vlogs, and beauty vlogs to her channel, Gujju Unicorn. Mrunal boasts more than 460 videos with over a million views each, and over 800k subscribers.

    With over 5 million followers and thousands of posts, she also enjoys a sizable fan base on Instagram thanks to her makeup tutorials and humorous reels. She never stops entertaining her fans and teaching them about the latest trends in makeup.

    Mrunal’s Passion for Makeup

    Since her mom used to apply makeup, she had always loved it, but she never learned any makeup tricks. She practiced on herself, trying various things until she got the hang of it. As a result, she genuinely follows her instincts when styling a look. She does a lot of research and finishes homework before adding her fusion touch. As all the makeup looks are close to her heart and have all been seen through a particular lens of her mood, she cannot decide which is her favourite.

    Mrunal’s Love Life

    Mrunal met TikTok star Anirudh Sharma on social media and the couple got engaged in 2022. They were both social media influencers and they had gradually begun communicating with one another on the platform. Anirudh is a musician as well.

    More than an Influencer

    In addition to being an influencer, Mrunal is an actor and model. Her appearances in numerous music videos such as ‘Tom Cruise’ have garnered over 6 million views. Along with Anirudh, Rishabh, and Arsh, the song “Tum Kaho Toh” was featured on Zed Music. Later on, she co-starred in numerous music videos, including Ishq Saaf, Closer, Kaise Kahu, Can’t let you go, and You are mine.

    She has provided brand endorsements for Ponds, Maybelline, Lakme, Ponds, and One Plus. Mrunal also worked on promotional projects with a large number of other brands. Burger Bae, Joker & Witch, Rem Beauty, and other makeup brands are a few of them. On March 7th 2022, she received the Aspiring She Digital Entertainer Award. on March 8th 2022, she received the Iconic Female Influencer Award. She is the first Indian female influencer to win these awards, which is an accomplishment.

    Mrunal Panchal never dreamed she would become an influencer when she first started her career as a TikTok. But through perseverance and consistent social media observation, she has emerged as a well-known social media personality, seizing the correct moment for her career. Mrunal is one of India’s Top 100 Digital Stars, according to Forbes. Young successor is doing her utmost to infuse makeup fashion with a great deal of creativity. Being a young sensation fulfilled her dream by giving them an opulent and comfortable lifestyle.