Aashna Shroff is a social media influencer, model, and fashion blogger. She is associated with big brand names globally.

    Aashna as a Kid

    Aashna Shroff used to model for photoshoots with her mother as a kid. She also participated in various advertisements at the time. Even after being an introvert, she decided to express herself through her fashion and talent.

    Fashion, Designing, and Lifestyle

    Aashna started her page ‘The Snob Shop’ on Facebook as a venture for home decor.

    Aashna Shroff launched Instagram on a whim a decade ago.  As she was then pursuing interior design, she didn’t believe it would result in anything. Additionally, she had a strong interest in fashion, so she posted OOTD pictures of someone. Being an introvert, there are times she finds it difficult to express herself around unfamiliar company. So fashion has always been a great form of self-expression. She does not have a particular sense of style, and she loves to experiment with her clothes. That’s also how she has always been as a person — she had been a preschool teacher; she has studied interior design and then photography. There’s a lot more to her than being just a fashion girl, which is why her sense of style also varies from occasion to occasion.

    Aashna has many different inspirations, although when she started she liked Blake Lively’s style. Her wardrobe was very inspired by her at one point.

    Aashna still religiously follows a few influencers that she followed when she started almost ten years ago. She loves Victoria Magrath’s work. He continues to inspire her. She recently fell in love with Leonie Hannee and her style. She is at the top of her game right now and she loves how she wears her clothes effortlessly and creates her content so well.

    Aashna Shroff thinks that it’s wonderful that the social media industry is finally being recognized. She has received a few such awards herself. While it seems surreal to be recognized for the hard work and effort the influencers put into their jobs, she does not think they should see them as their only form of validation. There are so many factors that inspire her and her style and influence her purchases because she finds new products through them. So she does not think awards are the only form of validation, although they are a great way for everyone to feel recognized.

    Aashna is a darling of major Indian and international brands like Gucci, L’Oréal (for whom she walked the Paris runway in 2021), Tory Burch, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and many more. Her impeccable sense of style influences people who look to her for OOTD inspiration in the right manner.

    Aashna’s Sense of Style

    Aashna usually puts comfort first unless it’s fashion week or a really big event. She does not have a particular style, but she likes to experiment. Her daily style depends on her mood. When she wants to be cozy, she can be found in an oversized sweater and motorcycle pants, or a hoodie and sweatpants. Other days she can be found in the printed coordinates; they make her happy and look good. She also loves long, loose maxi dresses and midi skirts.