An egg cleanse is a pretty straightforward ritual that packs a lot of power. In Latinx culture, la limpia con huevos (egg cleansing) is deeply rooted in respect for its ability to remove dark and dense energies. The process can be performed by a healer, spiritual practitioner, or even yourself. You don’t need to have superpowers to start incorporating an egg limpia. Also, no need to be initiated into any sort of practice to tap into reclaiming this spiritual technique either.

    Just as you would sage your aura to release heavy energy or get your chakras balanced by an energy healer, an egg lumpiest is similarly able to balance your aura and help you with soul retrieval. Suppose you are looking to better understand a recent bout of brain fog, assess unexpected depression, question why you’re feeling physically lethargic, or just stay on top of your auric hygiene. In that case, the egg-cleanse ritual is a great go-to for those intentions.

    The Power and Simplicity of the Egg Cleanse

    The rituals of our ancestors have all been rooted in practicality. Some of the most powerful magic is curated off of simplicity and the use of resourcefulness; hence, the incorporation of the power of the egg cleanse. Yes, it is a practice that can be traced back to Mesoamerican history: a gift from the ancestors for all to access to alleviate the evil eye and to further connect us to the cosmic egg — life’s blessings. With the price of eggs during the current inflation, you’ll consider this ritual an investment as part of your abundance rituals.

    How Can an Egg Cleanse Remove Evil Eye

    In Latinx culture, stories of someone receiving mal de Ojo (evil eye) are not uncommon. Whether you overheard Chismosa Tia talking about her envious coworker sending her evil eye or recounting how the family believed your tío had the evil eye done on him and his life went to crap, the so-called mythology runs deep. At the end of every story, there’s some confirmation about an egg limpia being performed on the individual who broke curses and reversed jealousy. Egg cleanses are an absolutely powerful way to remove evil eyes. Just ask around the barrio.

    It is believed that the egg is a capsule that absorbs negative energy from the body and aura. This is why the egg is rubbed all over the body while performing the actual ritual and worked over specific areas of ailment. While performing the Olympia, you’ll want to set the intention that you wish for the egg to reveal to you if any mal de Ojo has been sent your way. Depending on the reading of the results, you might be instructed to do a second round of an egg cleanse or add additional methods of ritual work to remove the evil eye to support the process of releasing it.


    After reviewing your results, it’s essential to dispose of them properly. This step is crucial, and you should never throw the egg materials in your trash can. Instead, toss the water and egg materials down your kitchen sink or flush them down the toilet. Additionally, I strongly recommend against reusing the cup for regular consumption. It is now a spiritual tool, reserved only for future egg-cleanse readings. Please refrain from letting yourself or others drink from it. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re all set! May you manifest wisely.