The genre and the area of knowledge study which basically deals with the concerned with the study of solid Earth, soil, the air surrounding it, its atmosphere, its gravitational force, and its waters, including the geologic, and hydrologic cycles, is known as Earth science. Now, there are some responses to the same, known as the earth science answers. Earth science is also the accumulation point of many sciences and theories related to the planet Earth.

    Knowing the formation of the earth, and what are actually its causations, understanding the present features, and determining the future consequences of its present condition is the broader aim of studying Earth science. Much matter, by the methodology of the utilization of such procedures, for the benefit of humankind is the ultimate goal to save future generations and the planet. Thus, Earth scientists focus on identifying, observing, and classifying all the geographies of Earth, with the assistance of resources like Edgenuity Earth and Space Science Answers, to address these critical concerns.

    Much in the simplified terms and points, the definition of Earth science can be concluded as the branch of science dealing with the atmosphere of Earth and its physical elements.

    Important responses :

    • With the radius, keeping totally unchanged, if the density of the planet is doubled, then what effect will it have on the ‘g’ of the planet?

    Ans: Doubled would be the rate of g. This is because the object g is proportional to the density of the planet, which implies that, without changing the radius, if the density of the planet is doubled, then g also gets doubled.

    • When compared with the gravitational force, concerning the moon on the Earth, what will be the force of gravity of the Earth on the moon, if the moon’s mass is approximately 10% of the mass of the Earth?

    Ans: The forces applied on both sides would result in an equivalent manner. The sole reason if it being that the mass of the moon is 10% of the mass of the Earth and the gravitational force between the two bodies is a mutual force, the moon’s gravitational force bothering the Earth on the moon will be equivalent as compared to the gravitational force of the moon on Earth.

    • The dip angle valuation at the magnetic North Pole of the Earth will be ______.

    Ans: The valuation of it would be at maximum peak because of the reason that the attraction on the North Pole of the needle is very strong, the angle of dip is 90o at the geographical North Pole, and the needle remains in the vertical plane. Right at the point of the equation which fully happens to be magnetic, the dip angle will be 0o because the needle will point horizontally. The angle increases in the northern hemisphere as you move from the magnetic equator towards the magnetic pole. Therefore, the dip angle valuation would be the maximum. 

    Conclusion :

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