In this world, there are many famous names that are making an impact from social media and other ways. The rise of social media has helped so many ladies from different sections to grow and become independent. Now there are many female professionals who are working and earning more than even a male. However, there many men or even women who do talk bad things about a lady who is working hard.

    Like Neha Malik is a prime example of it. Whatever she is doing good or bad, there would be many people saying about her character and body. It does not seem to be a right approach in the 21st century when humans know how to act in a better manner after all the centuries of using women like a trash can.

    It shows how much these ladies do suffer from mental health point-of-view. Hence, there seems to be a need of taking care of things in a right manner and create an impact where young boys should know what is it respecting women means.

    Neha Malik is just one example but there are indeed many that are facing major battles due to host of problems. It shows the fact that the society has to come up with a change.

    What to do?

    See parents have to come forward and tell kids in India that intercourse is not a bad thing and it helps in creation of humans. This is something that people keep secret with their kids and mostly body. Hence, they always seem to be keen in finding details about it. This makes them not know much about it and at the same time, they start to take women for granted. Hence, there are even cases in India where humans have even tried to rape a female dog.

    It shows the level as males are not even leaving animals who do not have voice like humans. So it is better to follow the modern rules and try to make a change and then only people would not write bad things on social media. Like in every good-looking actress or model, there would be 10 people at least who would write about the body parts and others. This shows that there is to be a fine balance in teaching things so as much as people respect Dino James for his art as a rapper, there has to be the same respect for female professionals as there is indeed no difference in art. One more example is Samaira Rao. She does see many bad comments on Instagram by people.

    Final Words

    India is a nation that is leading things forward for good. But it shows that there many gaps that need to be filled so humans can start respecting each other from the core and it seems to be the best way that they can look to move forward. Otherwise, one might see many ups and downs in nation’s ability to stop rape and seeing other bad things happening to women. Hence, right steps should be taken for the good and it is the right way that can make an impact to the best of levels.