Aim Carrom APK is an app for playing online carrom games. It is a very popular app for playing carrom.

    If you like to play carrom but don’t have good skills. Then this is undoubtedly the best app for you. You can surely sharpen your skill in carrom games.

    This provides so many features for the online players. You can play these games easily. 

    This app also provides guidance and helps you to win the match. They provide you with red-line guidance for the strikes. You can also change the colour of the line. 

    This makes aiming in the game so interesting. This app is only for carrom pool games. You can definitely apply as many filters as you prefer.

    This app sharpens your skills. This app also contains premium content.

    Recently they launched an advanced version of the Carrom pool apps. 

    It contains so many more features and graphics design.

    Features of the Aim Carrom Apk:-

    • Indirect shot guidance – This app provides shot guidance. To sharpen your skills flawlessly. You can get guidance automatically.
    • Cushion shot guidance – These features help you with the aim for strikes. So you can strike your aim accurately. The cushion is there at the side of the board. It helps you to strike the aim, which you can’t get directly.
    • Indirect ball up to 6 pucks– It is predictable where the strike strikes their ball. Certainly, this feature helps you in the guidance automatically.
    • Bounce ball up to 6 pucks- It helps you to predict the bounce and create a perfect angle. That will make it difficult for the opponents to strike.
    • Line site Change – This feature provides guidance for the perfect aim. This helps you to strike perfectly.
    • Line colour change – In the latest version, you can change the colour of the guidance line. It’s for the fun factors. So change according to your preferences.
    • High-quality graphic design – This app provides 3D graphics. It makes your experience more realistic.
    • Mod features – This app doesn’t contain any ads. You can play your matches smoothly.
    • Multiple players – This feature is one of the best features. You can invite your family members for a friendly match. You can also invite your long-distance friends. Additionally, you can challenge any of the top players to prove your skills. This also helps you to become a top player. 

    Premium content of the Aim Carrom Apk:-

    You can even more enjoy the features by unlocking the premium content.

    • Free (₹0) – Fortunately you can play these games freely. But with limited features and access
    • ₹190 – This will unlock the premium features for 1 week.
    • ₹440 – This will unlock the premium features for 1 month.
    • ₹940 – This will unlock the premium features for 3 months.
    • ₹4550 – Fortunately, this will unlock the premium features for a lifetime.


    This app will definitely sharpen your skills flawlessly. This is a very popular app for playing carrom.

    You can download it from any third-party website. 

    This app provides many features and benefits. Additionally, premium content. 

    If you want to play online carrom games to show your talents. Then this app is perfect for you.